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Our Story

 Traveling through Morocco and meeting Moroccan artisans has illuminated our mind by learning to appreciate the craftsmanship of the culture to which we belong, admiring its history, emphasizing its purity and naturalness, and the most important learning from their stories behind their creation.

We become completely mesmerized with the animated designs and beautiful handiwork, that is why we decide to create Moroccan Artisan Craft.

As a Tour designers we have been always looking for beautiful pieces for our customers to bring home, so they can remember their time while in Morocco, and we would like to do the same for people who are looking for unique pieces that tell a real story.
The Idea behind Moroccan Artisan Craft is to share this art and its meaning with the world, helping to create jobs, reinvesting in the local community and preserve the Berber/Moroccan tradition.
We would not say that this journey was easy – but we love it. we believe in supporting artisans and we believe in products that are made to last, that you can cherish and love for a lifetime. we also feel good about showcasing our favorite crafters, and makers as we have a ton of respect for people who create beauty with their own hands.